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What we do

Clava Capital provides a wealth management software platform, the “3-1 wealth builder account”, with additional capital protection measures underwritten and administered by the Clava Financial Group.

Our 3-1 account acts as a financial wrapper for third party products with additional capital protection measures to minimise risk of any capital loss.

Clava Financial Group Sweden is a regulated Financial Institution providing specialist financial services to European corporates. The group holds a dedicated reserve fund equal to at least 110% of all 3rd party customer deposits held across the Clava Capital suite of 3rd party products.

Clava Capital holds your money in trust on your behalf in a segregated bank account at Barclays Bank Plc, so that it does not form part of our assets and would not be available to our creditors in the event of our insolvency.

We do not offer financial advice.  Please talk to your financial adviser if you are looking for financial advice