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Capital Protection

Protection and Guarantee of your money is at the very heart of our 3 in 1 account wrapper.

All three Clava Wealth products benefit from multiple layers of capital protection, ensuring your money has the highest level of safety and protection against any potential risks

Clava Protection Pyramids




ClavaSafe money is held in a segregated client account at Barclays Bank in London with you the customer as the beneficial owner of these funds. This money is ringfenced from our own money, and as it is held at Barclays bank, up to £75,000 of your funds are automatically insured by the UK Government under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.  Full details are here http://www.fscs.org.uk/


Clava Group Protection Fund

Clava Financial Group is an authorised and regulated financial institution in Sweden providing financial services and products to businesses across Europe.

Property Collateral

All our ClavaBonds are secured with a first legal charge on property. When you purchase a ClavaBond, you become a beneficial owner on the first legal charge on this collateral regardless of the financial health of Clava Wealth or any other administrator. This security will have been independently valued to at least 120% of the investment value. Due to continually changing rates and collateral being offered, full details of the collateral underpinning each ClavaBond can be reviewed within the ClavaBond rates section.

CPPI Protection Insurance

We employ a CPPI protection mechanism – Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance.

This is a method of financial portfolio insurance involving two asset classes, one being a “risky” asset (such as forex or stock index trades), and a “riskless” asset of either cash, equivalents or bonds. The percentage allocated to each depends on the “cushion” value, defined as (current portfolio value – floor value), and a multiplier coefficient, where a higher number denotes a more aggressive strategy.

Click here for an example of how we use this technique for the benefit of  your account.

Third Party Provision Fund

Many of the external property loan platforms we invest in have their own separate provision fund set aside in case of any end customer default. A good example can be seen here


Details of the provision fund underpinning a particular ClavaBond can be reviewed by researching the third party P2P provider detailed in ClavaBond rates section.