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Welcome to ClavaBond. Simple and Secure. Simply pick your desired maturity and interest rate, and your ClavaBond will pay upwards of 9% AER interest monthly. The bond is backed by an external investment into an asset backed property loan with the added reassurance of instant redemption and capital guarantee provided to you by our parent company Clava Financial Group. Click here for our latest ClavaBond rates



  • Maturities from 1 year to 5 years, paying 9%+AER+monthly
  • Can be instantly redeemed at any time before maturity
  • Tax relief cashback for ISA transfers. You will not lose any financial tax benefits
  • You are not lending; these are receivable agreements based on payments relating to asset-backed debt external investments.
  • Your capital and income is guaranteed with multiple layers of security,  the first being a legal charge on property valued at least 110% of  bond issuance


  • Minimum purchase size is £500/ €500
  • A small percentage fee is payable for mandatory purchase of additional capital protection  from our parent company Clava Financial Group. This is similar to an insurance premium. Click here for our latest ClavaBond rates



ClavaBond funds are not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme in the same way as your uninvested ClavaSafe funds.

Your capital and monthly interest income are protected THREE times over, assuring our customers the highest level of security and reassurance

  1. Every ClavaBond is underpinned by a first legal charge on property; all administered by the third party investment platform. You are the beneficial owner of this security-not Clava Wealth.
  2. We meticulously select the best performing investments using only established platforms which usually have an additional default fund that is used to protect against any defaults from their end customers.
  3. Additional protection over and above the property asset and the default fund  is provided from the Clava Financial Group’s Capital Protection Fund, currently at 117.4% of total customer deposits within the Clava Wealth product suite (correct as at 30th September 2018).