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When purchasing ClavaBonds,  you are buying Receivables, you are not a lender.  You can purchase your own portfolio of Receivables based on repayments paid under peer-to-peer investments, but you are not a lender to any end borrowers. You enter into a Receivables Agreement with the lender, whereby the lender commits to paying you the money actually repaid by the borrower to the lender.

We offer the ability to redeem or sell the Receivables that you buy  for a small fee and exit your holdings immediately.

Any purchase of receivables or transfer of money into trading  capital  is not covered by FSCS or FCA but we do facilitate multiple layers of capital protection through other means. 

Any investment into ClavaBonds involves taking risk and buying Receivables through the Clava Wealth platform and is a form of unregulated investment whereby your capital is at risk. We seek to minimise the risk to our clients by carefully reviewing the underlying loans, invoices or other receivables selected by the sellers to generate the Receivables you are buying, and reviewing the performance of each P2P Platform on which the seller agreed those underlying instruments, prior to making available a Receivable available. You have no interest in those underlying instruments, however, and no right of recourse to the parties to those instruments in the event of default under those instruments. You are only buying the right to receive any cash that the seller actually receives under those instruments. Clava Wealth does not need to be, and is not authorised or regulated by the FCA for this activity. Your purchase of Receivables is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. You are in day-to-day control of your money

The Clava Wealth platform enables you to self-select and control a portfolio of around 10 Receivables in just a few clicks or deploy funds to trade the financial markets; this includes Receivables relating to peer-to-peer loans (which also benefit from security against property or other assets) and receivables.

Uninvested funds are held in a segregated Client Account

Please contact us if you have any questions. We can not provide financial advice.

Please talk to your financial adviser if you are looking for financial advice