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We call this deposit guaranteed account ClavaSafe. ClavaSafe is a segregated client account at Barclays Bank, and is used to hold monthly interest generated from your ClavaBond investments and income from your ClavaTrade trading account. Your initial deposit into your Clava Wealth 3-1 account appears here, as well as any funds not allocated to ClavaBond or ClavaTrade



  • Instant access to your money with a Visa Debit card accepted worldwide
  • Automatic crediting of monthly interest and income from ClavaBond investments and ClavaTrade profits
  • 1-click transfers between ClavaSafe, ClavaBond and ClavaTrade
  • 1-click redemptions of ClavaBond investments back to ClavaSafe
  • Domestic & International payments out of the account are also possible (requires 2 stage authentication)


  • We ask for a minimum initial deposit of £1000/ €1000  which must be maintained throughout the life of the account.
  • Our online account opening procedure takes 5 minutes but we reserve the right to request additional documentation to fulfil identity and anti-money laundering checks.
  • All your interest and income is paid gross and it is your responsibility to inform the relevant tax authorities or consult your tax advisor.



ClavaSafe funds are held in a segregated client account on your behalf at Barclays Bank Plc and are therefore protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Additional protection over and above this amount is provided from the Clava Financial Group’s Capital Protection Fund, currently at 117.4% of total customer deposits within the Clava Wealth product suite (correct as of 31st December 2016).