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Included within your Clava Capital 3-1 account, enjoy direct market access to Forex, Stocks, and Metals markets via our brokerage platform ClavaTrade. Trading capital can be transferred seamlessly to ClavaTrade from your ClavaSafe account and vice versa, with the world’s first capital protected trading account.

The ClavaTrade platform is a web-based trading platform driven by simplicity. It provides a ClavaTrade customer (if they so wish) the ability to speculate on a range of markets in the simplest no-nonsense way. Our product is unique in being able to provide our customers with a capital guarantee against any losses.

Click here for an explanation on how we protect against any trading losses you may incur.

Please note, US residents are not permitted to use ClavaTrade


  • 100+  algorithms and etrading robots to select from
  • 52 FX pairs, 14 metals, 8 Equity markets , 8 Index CFDs
  • Seamless transfer of funds between ClavaSafe and ClavaTrade
  • Simple Buy and Sell with low margins & commissions
  • Market sentiment indicator for each product
  • Trading losses protected using CPPI guarantee mechanism
  • Virtual and Real money accounts provided


  • Minimum transfer into ClavaTrade is £500/ €500
  • All capital deployed into ClavaTrade must be processed through our CPPI guarantee mechanism explained below. We do not allow naked capital unprotected trading
  • We require any customer wishing to trade, to use virtual funds before committing real funds.



ClavaTrade funds are not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme in the same way as your uninvested ClavaSafe funds.

Your trading capital is protected using our CPPI protection mechanism. This is a technique usually administered by investment banks for large institutional clients

The CPPI protection mechanism



Every time you request transfer of your money from ClavaSafe into ClavaTrade, your funds are actually split between ClavaTrade and ClavaBond
20% of your trading capital transfer request is transferred into your ClavaTrade trading account. This 20% is then leveraged within the brokerage platform so the 20% is effectively working as hard as 100%. See how leverage works here.

80% of your trading capital transfer request is transferred into a 3 year ClavaBond. This ClavaBond is a zero coupon bond that pays 9% interest annually. These interest payments completely offset 100% of any potential trading losses incurred.


Clava Capital 3-1 account customer John Smith transfers £1000 from his ClavaSafe savings into ClavaTrade. The system allocates £200 into ClavaTrade, which is subsequently leveraged within the platform. Meanwhile, £800 of John’s £1000 request is allocated into a 9% interest paying ClavaBond. John is now able to trade his ClavaTrade account in the hope of making good profits. If he does make any losses or even loses all of the initial £200 ClavaTrade capital, he is re-assured that the ClavaBond will be worth £1000 after 3 years, therefore offsetting any losses in trading capital. This mechanism is repeated for any and all subsequent transfers into John’s ClavaTrade account